Anesthesia Emergency Management for the Dentist

Increasing Awareness and Improving Dental Team Performance with Hands on Human Simulations


Course Description

This unique and challenging program provides a didactic and hands on clinical simulation experience that addresses the proper assessment and management of patient complications associated with minimal to moderate sedation. This course will explore simulations for the general dentist as a method to improve patient safety and outcomes. A variety of case studies will be presented where you will be engaged interactively to determine critical decisions and therapies for those patients. A look at In- Situ Simulation, its importance, frequency and effects will be reviewed. Lastly, participants will be given the opportunity to participate and demonstrate the appropriate patient management with a variety hands on- simulations with Sim Man.


Course Objectives

  • Identify current trends and common causes of complications of the sedated dental patient.
  • Discuss simulation as a training tool in the delivery of sedation in the dental office.
  • Evaluate your own readiness to respond to complications and emergencies.
  • Prepare staff for their involvement to assist in recognizing and treating emergencies.
  • Review and recall the essentials of emergency equipment and their use.
  • Implement frequent and effective In-Situ simulations for emergency preparedness.


At the end of our course, the participant will:

  • have an understanding of what emergency equipment and instrumentation is necessary for a dental office
  • have an increased familiarity with how to use various emergency equipment and instrumentation for medical emergency management in the dental office
  • have an understanding of how to assess and manage the common emergencies that can happen in the dental office